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What is Direct Tax?

Direct tax as it suggests is the tax levied directly on taxpayers on income or wealth, corporation tax, property tax, gift tax.


File income tax return for Individual, HUF, LLP, Partnership and companies


Popular tax saving options for Individuals and HUF.


Appoint Chartered Accountant or Expert to handle your taxes


Compliance with tax authorities to avoid penalties and proceedings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should file an ITR?

Individual having income more than 2.5 Lakhs or 3 Lakhs for senior citizen or 5 lakhs for super senior citizen.

What is form 16 (Part A, Part B) and Form 16A ?

Form 16 is  details of how much tax did the employer deduct and when was it submitted to the IT department. It is mandatory for employer to issue form 16 to employees under sec 203. Part A of Form 16 is details of tax deducted quarterly and Part B is tax calculation of your salary on which TDS is deducted. While Form 16A is certificate issued to vendor or service provider by recipient.

Employer deducted tax from my salary, but as per my calculation there is no tax payable ?

Please declare all investments details and rent paid if any, and file your income tax return and claim refund of excess tax paid.

My employer deducted less tax due to which need to pay extra tax plus interest on due amount ?

Always check 26AS Quarterly and ask your tax expert if you need to pay any advance tax to avoid interest under sec 234A 234B and 234C.

How can I pay tax in advance to avoid interest ?

To pay tax you can visit bank or pay online by filling challan 280 and selecting advance tax.

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